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Get Phit Studio Challenge 9 - Register Here!

Get Phat Online Challenge #3 which is our 3rd ONLINE challenge with Get Phat Online is launching January, 4th.

Sign up today!

For more info email John@getphatonline.com

Here are the details…

For $199 for 8 weeks you get a standard meal plan, weekly workouts, and some instructional cardio. WE check on you during the 8 weeks with encouragement and Jen is available the entire time to guide you and answer your questions. THIS plan is simple to follow, can be done at home, and is for all ages, sizes, men, or women. Half of the money from this challenge goes into the winner’s hands at the end. Its never going to be the right time or the wrong time to start something great so stop looking for excuses and know that NOW is your chance to do better than what you have been doing. 

Please email John@getphatonline.com for details or Jen atjenhendershott@gmail.com. WE want you to be the next Pam who started her journey in January 2015 at 191 pounds and weighed in this week at 133. She lost 58 pounds in 3 challenges in a row with the Get Phat Program. She did so well she inspired in her husband and he just completed his first challenge and lost 39 pounds in 8 weeks since July 1st. Together they have taken over 100 pounds out of their home and started a healthier life. 

Come join us and lets get you moving and remember you have to finish what you start. Patience, determination, and mostly trust the program. The holidays are coming and now is the perfect time to take control of your life. 

Let Jen and Get Phat Online help!



Weigh ins for challenge 8: Sept 9th, Wednesday from 11-1 and 4-8 at Get Phit Studio

The challenge and NEW class schedule begins Monday, Sept 14th -
Monday noon Kim - Advanced
Monday 5:30 Leslie - Intermediate
Tuesday noon Jen - ALL levels/beginners welcome
Tuesday 5:30 Jen - ALL Levels welcome
Wednesday noon Syreeta - Intermediate
Wednesday 5:30 Leslie - Advanced
Thursday noon Nick - Intermediate to Advanced
Thursday 5:30 Kenny - Beginner
Friday 8 a.m. Kim - ALL levels welcome
Saturday 9 a.m. Kristen and Chris - ALL levels welcome

Final Weigh ins: Mon Nov 16th

Challenge Party: Wed Nov 18th



Studio Class Cards are here!

10 Class Card - $75 BUY HERE

8 Class Card - $60 BUY HERE

4 Class Card - $30 BUY HERE


Challenge 7

Results coming soon!

Challenge 6

Challenge 6 results are the following:
Total pounds lost in 8 weeks by 120 contestants 1,283.43 pounds

Pam Brooks has lost 40.4 pounds in 5 months
Mike King has lost 47 pounds in 5 months
Amanda Ramsey has lost 23 inches in 5 months just in her waist

Ryan Adams was the Male winner losing 36.4 pounds in 8 weeks winning $250 cash
Anne Moore was the Female winner losing 24.2 pounds in 8 weeks winning $250 cash

Team 1- Won $3,000 and lost a total of 84 pounds
Team 2- Won $2,000 and lost a total of 83 pounds
Team 3-Won $1,000 and lost a total of 92.2 pounds


Challenge 5

104 contestants lost 844 pounds and 544 inches, a woman won this challenge by losing 25.5 pounds in 8 weeks!

Challenge 4 was a HUGE Success!

76 contestants lost 764 pounds in 9 weeks.

Challenge 3 was a HUGE Success!

80 contestants and 477 pounds lost total! Our grand prize winner lost 42 pounds.


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Studio Class Cards are here!

10 Class Card - $75 BUY HERE

8 Class Card - $60 BUY HERE

4 Class Card - $30 BUY HERE

Our Mission

Get Phit Studio is committed to making you feel and look your best!

Get Phit Studio is a private training studio where people can feel confident, supported and encouraged while achieving their health and fitness goals. Founded by International Fitness Champion Jen Hendershott, who has made it her life’s passion to help people look and feel great, GPS offers a variety of services. You can work one-on-one with a trainer, be a part of a group training session, take a group class or receive diet and supplement consultation.

Whether you have 100 pounds to lose, want to tone up or just want to feel better about yourself, GPS is a place where our trainers and staff will motivate, educate and work with you to overcome any obstacle. We will believe in you so you can achieve your personal best.

At GPS there is no such thing as a workout session or diet, but rather a lifestyle, and we are here to help you learn.  We want to impact the lives and health of our community.  We want to show the people of North Carolina that you can still do what you love to do, but you can also do it in a healthy way.

Challenge yourself and commit to the fact that your health is an investment of a lifetime!



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